vendredi 30 septembre 2011



its always a great pleasure get good feed backs from authors that we have work with!
Check out the comment from the author:

I think your cover is fantastic, and everyone I've shown it to has been very impressed.  
Thanks for the great work.
Rick DeMille

Check the final cover of Hellfire

On leave for two weeks from The Middle East, Gareth Jones decides to drag his friend Travis Deacon to Cardiff, Wales for the rugby World Cup finals. Soon after their arrival, Gareth is killed in what appears to be a car accident. But Travis, a U.S. marine, does not believe that his friend was killed in a simple accident and his suspicions grow stronger when he finally sees the condition of his friend’s body. He is not the only one who is suspicious. Deidra Jones, Gareth’s sister and a police officer, are convinced that MI-5 is trying to hide something.

All the best to your book Rick!