mardi 10 janvier 2012


MING by Drop Of a Dime,

Here is our newe Ep project for my Band Called Drop of a Dime. 

Produced by Francois Turgeon for The Shanga
Cover Design by Francois Turgeon, * the cover is a beta project
Recorded by Antoine Rotondo

Drop of a Dime brings unique creators together! Created in February 2010 the DOAD project combines original roots of world music, jazz and Rap all together. With a background that includes voodoo and Death metal as well as classical and Jazz, DOAD Band members balance many original elements together to create an amazing universe rich in texture and colors!
Lucky Lex / Vocals and Rhyme Ian Dragon / Guitar Antoine Rotondo / Guitar, Keys, Percussion Teo Paquin / Percussion Francois Turgeon / Bass, Annie Sama / Vocals

Produced for THE SHANGA

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